CPC32320 – Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)
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Qualification Description

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of stonemasons working with sandstone, limestone, marble and other types of stone and stone products to produce stone monuments, buildings (heritage and new) and building components, such as walls, floors, arches, chimneys, stairs, windows, decorative mouldings, fireplaces and benchtops.

Occupational titles may include:

  • Architectural stonemason
  • Monumental stonemason
  • Heritage stonemason
  • Finisher
  • Bench-top mason
  • Stonemason
  • This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.

    Completion of the general construction induction training program, specified in the Safe Work Australia model Code of Practice: Construction Work, is required by anyone carrying out construction work. Achievement of CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry meets this requirement.

    Entry Requirement

    There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

    Packaging Rule

    This qualification has core and elective units of competency that cover the skills and knowledge of four specialist groups and general electives:

  • Group A - Architectural heritage, conservation and restoration stonemasonry
  • Group B - New and contemporary works (building stonemasonry)
  • Group C - Monumental stonemasonry
  • Group D - Bench-tops
  • To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:

  • 30 units of competency:
  • 30 units of competency:
  • 9 electives
  • The electives are to be chosen as follows:

  • all 8 units within Group A - Heritage, conservation and restoration stonemasonry
  • or

  • all 7 units within Group B - New and contemporary works (building stonemasonry)
  • or

  • all 5 units within Group C - Monumental stonemasonry
  • or

  • all 4 units within Group D - Bench-tops
  • the remaining units can be selected from any elective group or the general electives as long as the units have not previously been selected
  • up to two elective units can be selected from any Training Package or accredited course, as long as they contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome and support the AQF level of this qualification.
  • Prerequisite units

    An asterisk (*) against a unit code below indicates that there is a prerequisite requirement that must be met. Prerequisite unit(s) must be assessed before assessment of any unit of competency with an asterisk. Check the unit of competency for information on specific prerequisite requirements. All prerequisite requirements are packaged in the qualification.

    CPCCCA3002* – Carry out setting out

    CPCCCM2006 – Apply basic levelling procedures

    CPCCCM2008* - Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding

    CPCCCM2012* - Work safely at heights

    CPCCOM1012 – Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry

    CPCCOM1013 – Plan and organise work

    CPCCOM1014 – Conduct workplace communication

    CPCCOM1015 – Carry out measurements and calculations

    CPCCOM2001* – Read and interpret plans and specifications

    CPCCST2003* – Finish stone

    CPCCST2004* – Lay stone

    CPCCST2006* – Identify and use stone products

    CPCCST2007* - Use stonemasonry tools, plant and equipment

    CPCCST3001* – Dress and mold stone

    CPCCST3002* – Shape solid stone

    CPCCST3003* – Split stone manually

    CPCCST3004* – Dress stone manually

    CPCCST3006* – Machine stone

    CPCCST3010* - Set out and cut letters in stone

    CPCCST3022* – Carry out profile work

    CPCCWHS2001 – Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

    Elective Units of Competency

    Elective units for this course are as follows:

    Group A - Architectural heritage, conservation and restoration stonemasonry

    CPCCBL3016* – Construct battered masonry walls and piers

    CPCCBL3017* – Carry out tuck pointing and repointing to masonry

    CPCCST3019* – Lay stonemasonry stairs

    CPCCST3021* – Restore stone work

    CPCCST3023 – Apply drawing principles to stonemasonry

    CPCCST3024* – Apply conservation principles and practices to heritage stonework

    CPCCST3025* – Carry out basic stonemasonry demolition

    Group B - Architectural new and contemporary works

    CPCCBL3016* - Construct battered masonry walls and piers

    CPCCPA3001* - Prepare subgrade, base and bedding course for segmental paving

    CPCCST3012* - Build stone veneer walls

    CPCCST3016* - Build solid stonemasonry walls

    CPCCST3017* - Construct stone arches

    CPCCST3019* - Lay stonemasonry stairs

    CPCCST3020* - Produce reconstituted stone

    Group C - Monumental

    CPCCCM2002* - Carry out hand excavation

    CPCCST3011* - Plan monument construction

    CPCCST3013* - Carry out cemetery monument fixing

    CPCCST3015* - Apply gilding to stone

    CPCCST3018* - Inlay lead to stone

    Group D Bench-Tops

    CPCCCM2005* - Use construction tools and equipment

    CPCCJN2001* - Assemble components

    CPCCJN2003* - Package manufactured products for transport

    CPCCST3009* - Use computer-controlled static machinery to produce stone components

    General Elective Units

    BSBESB301 - Investigate business opportunities

    BSBESB407 - Manage finances for new business ventures

    CPCCCO2013* - Carry out concreting to simple forms

    CPCCPA3002* - Lay segmental paving

    CPCCPA3003* - Cut segmental paving

    CPCCSC2002* - Erect and dismantle basic scaffolding

    CPCCST2001* - Prepare for stonemasonry construction process

    CPCCST2005* - Carry out load slinging of off-site materials

    CPCCST3007* - Turn stone

    CPCCST3009* - Use computer-controlled static machinery to produce stone components

    CPCCST3014* - Set and anchor stone facades

    CPCCST3016* - Build solid stonemasonry walls

    CPCCST4001 - Prepare to undertake the heritage restoration process

    CPCCST4002 - Undertake the heritage restoration process

    CPCCST4003 - Undertake preparations for refractory works

    CPCCST4004 - Initiate the heritage works process

    CPCCST4005 - Prepare drawings for heritage works

    CPCCST4006 - Prepare report for heritage restoration work

    CPCCST4007 - Construct a fire brick wall and arch using refractory materials

    CPCSIL2001* - Use and maintain respiratory protective equipment

    CPCSIL3001* - Work with products and materials containing crystalline silica


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